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PROJECT 04 "The 80s is Here to Stay!"

Those who enjoyed the 1980s are probably now in their 50s or older. Western POP culture, including music, movies, and art, greatly influenced the lifestyle of Japanese people. In addition, high-quality “Made in Japan” hardware supported the world's POP culture in terms of equipment. On the software side, Japanese animation was broadcast on TV overseas, and Japanese video games were loved by children around the world. These were called “subcultures” in Japan.


Just as classical music is still played around the world, just as the Beatles are still loved, and just as historical buildings like castles are still preserved, it is not outdated to love the human-centered culture of the 80s in 2024, when AI is taking center stage. Recently, Japanese 80s “City POP” has also been gaining attention. This is a project to connect not only with Japan but also with the world through the 80s.

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