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AREA236 was opened in 2015 by Yosuke Inukai, CPA, and has been used as a creative space for clients; it has been open to the public since May 15, 2024. It aims to create a place where all people, regardless of age, gender, nationality, wealth, or family background, have the opportunity to benefit economically. There is not only free space to promote creative activity, but also the many equipment and facilities to make it possible. We adopt PWYW (Pay what you want) as AREA236 usage fee, so there is no problem as long as you pay what you can afford to pay.

Over the past nine years, beginning in 2015, we have reinvested our business profits in equipment and facilities. By renting them out to our clients, we have been able to help them increase their sales. At the same time, we have been preparing to make these equipment and facilities available to creators to the public. We anticipated an economy driven by creators. In order to convey the wonderful things and services available in Japan to the rest of the world, it is essential to have people who can express themselves openly and proudly as works of art to the outside world. We have believed that the key to victory is to create places throughout Japan to hand "weapons" to these people of expression. It would be a national loss if people who have a sense of expression do not have a chance to use the equipment and facilities, allowing their sense of expression to wear off over time. It is meaningless just to argue about it. Execution is everything.


The presence of foreigners who can communicate with the rest of the world will also be invaluable. AREA236 is located in Takatsuki City, which is just halfway between Kyoto City and Osaka City, 15 minutes by train from each, and is also blessed with a great natural environment. We would love to have many foreign visitors. I hope many foreigners will come to Takatsuki City and experience the works of various creators at AREA236.

AREA236 is owned by Asconnect Co.,Ltd., represented by Yosuke Inukai, and is planned and operated by Cynosys, Inc.,represented by Chiaki Fujimoto and Yosuke Inukai. Hiromasa Kato is also participating in the AREA236 project as a general advisor and Taiga Ogura as a guide and creator. 


Build your small experience into a big business with us

It is said that many ideas for blockbuster products lie in the field. The economy has grown by turning these treasured ideas into business. Products, services, and daily customs that are common to Japanese people may become big business overseas. Not only Japanese who have realized this, but also people from other countries who have come to Japan may become millionaires if they sell their ideas in their home countries. Japan is on the Eve of Gold Rush.


Ideas can be born from the struggles of those who are raising children. There will be ideas born from the sense of anxiety that the elderly actually experience. Entrepreneurs in the Showa era turned not only positive elements such as hopes and dreams, but also negative elements such as stress, anger, and frustration into new businesses. In addition, innovative ideas may exist in old Japanese magazines, books, or products. There is a lot of information in these retro items and in the minds of middle-aged and older people that cannot be found by searching the Internet. That is why we have so many retro items available.

There is also a lot of equipment and facilities available here to convert ideas into digital content. Creators will be satisfied with video equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, printing machines, live streaming equipment, a stage for expression, and a voiceover booth. Since PWYW (Pay what you want) is adopted as the usage fee, opportunities are given to all who have enthusiasm and ideas, even if they have no money. Of course, those who can afford to pay will be happy to use the service for a fee. It will be interesting to see if PWYW can become a business in Japan. This is another big project for us.

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